How to find the time for business development

It’s too hard! I don’t know where to start! How to find the time for business development? I’m a good technician…I won’t do it. Sound familiar? If I am honest, the biggest thing that holds so many great lawyers, accountants and consultants from progressing their career is knowing how to find the time for business development. So much so that I regularly write, speak and train on this one topic. Literally. By way of example, here is a snippet from my Facebook Live 30 Day Challenge where I spoke about “How to make time for business development” In this recording I talk about the importance of the 5Ps. The first P is “Plan”. But the real secret is most people don’t have a plan. They may have written out a document and put it in their desk drawer… and then never look at it again. A real business development plan is written down – not something in your head – and then used every single week to focus your business development actions going forward. The first P – plan – is almost always the missing ingredient. And the reason so many lawyers, accountants and consultants want to know how to find the time for business development. It’s time to stop putting business development activities into your “too hard” box and ignoring it.  If you can’t show you are making time for business development and winning new work for the firm, you won’t stand out when it comes to promotion or pay rise time. In fact, you’ll see your peers who are much weaker technically than you, but can talk a good story, getting the promotion rather than you. Is that what you want? To see the whole recording, along with my 30+ other career-enhancing videos, join Progress to Partner for just $1 for a 7-day trial. You’ll also get access to my self-study courses including How to Truly Commit to Moving Your Career Forward, The Go-To Expert, Creating A Cast-Iron Business Case For Partnership and over 15 years of training and resources supporting people’s career progression in practice bundled into a single location.

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