What to say when asking for a pay rise

Hang on a minute! You can actually ask for a pay rise? So many accountants, lawyers and consultants in practice think they can’t ask for a pay rise, but sometimes it’s a conversation you need to have. Given that so many firms have put in place pay freezes, pay cuts and recruitment freezes, there is the risk that many people’s pay in the professions will not go up again when the economic difficulties ease off. (Admit it, you are worried about this happening too!) But the problem is, so many of us don’t know how to actually go about asking for a pay rise.

What actually happens when asking for a pay rise?

Often one of two things happens. Firstly, we bottle it and don’t make the ask. And then get resentful that we are being underpaid versus our peers. Or we do make the ask. Then, because we don’t know what to say when asking for a pay rise, we bungle it. Sometimes that bungle is a career-limiting move. Made even more galling knowing that you used to get paid more to do the same job! Or worst still, knowing that someone else got a pay rise just by threatening to leave. Surely your firm should be looking to reward your loyalty, rather than do a knee-jerk reaction to someone threatening to leave? Given that so many people I meet in the course of my work want to know what to say when asking for a pay rise, I did a Facebook Live on exactly that. “How to ask for and get a decent pay rise” I spoke about how to prepare for a pay rise conversation and just as importantly how NOT to have that conversation. Here is a snippet from the Facebook Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7WRxrNxIXU   To see the whole recording, along with my 30+ other career-enhancing videos, join Progress to Partner for just £1 for a 7-day trial. You’ll also get access to my self-study courses including How to Truly Commit to Moving Your Career Forward, The Go-To Expert, Creating A Cast-Iron Business Case For Partnership and over 15 years of training and resources supporting people’s career progression in practice bundled into a single location.

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