Why is Mindset so important to your future career progression?

Your Mindset drives what you focus on; what you focus on drives your behaviours. Behaviour, in turn, dictates your actions. And it is these actions which then determine the results you achieve. 

If you don't get rid of any hindering Mindsets you may have, then you have a lot less chance of implementing these new skills, behaviours or attitudes.  If you can adopt the right Mindset for your success, then it will become much easier to create sustainable behavioural change. And it is this behavioural change which will take you from being a senior fee earner to becoming a partner. 

Everyone is different, and some specialisms will require a certain trait or Mindset to be successful. However, this list of Mindsets is common to all successful professionals who have progressed through the ranks to partner.

  • Making partner is not just another promotion, it is where I grow a business that will increase the profits of the firm
  • My own mental and physical health is more important than hitting work targets
  • How I spend and use my time is within my control
  • I see fear as something to be embraced rather than hidden from
  • It is my responsibility to drive my own development and career 
  • Business development is part of my day job
  • I want to make a positive impact on my firm

Your partners are not looking for another high-performing senior associate or senior manager. They want someone who is already showing that they think, act and feel like a partner.

To change your Mindset to one of those above which will progress your career, here are some tips to try:

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    Prioritise your self-care
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    Understand and accept your current situation
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    Book a session with an Executive Coach
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    Spend 5-10 minutes every day journaling why you work the way you do
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    Reflect on when you have successfully changed your Mindset - what worked?
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    Consider what you really want, i.e. your vision, goals or dreams.

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