survive the big 4 busy season

The Big 4 busy season can break even the strongest of accountants no matter how experienced you are at them. So how is it done? How do the veterans keep surviving them only to fight another year? We asked them just that and here they are – the top 6 survival techniques straight from the Big 4 veterans’ mouth on how to survive the big 4 busy season.

Survival techniques for the Big 4 busy season

Survival tip 1: “Accept the long hours”

One of the best ways to survive the Big 4 busy season is to accept that it is going to involve long hours and hard work. Big 4 veterans say that if you just accept this going in, you’ll be much better prepared to work. This includes working 40-60 hours a week and on weekends without it being so much of a shock to the system.

Survival tip 2: “Try to work in some exercise or anything you enjoy”

Big 4 veterans swear that THE best way to survive the Big 4 busy season is to schedule in exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever. It helps keep you fresh and focused when you return to work. Hence, never be tempted to sacrifice it completely. Even three times a week for 30 minutes is enough to feel its power when it comes to your productivity.

Survival tip 3: “Go out to lunch with your team”

If your team go out for lunch every day, make the effort to join them. Big 4 veterans highly recommend taking advantage of the change of scenery. Even if you’re in the middle of something, grab the opportunity to talk about something other than work. Not only will you return to work re-energised but you would have also built a camaraderie with your team. This will be essential for ongoing support throughout the Big 4 busy season.

Survival tip 4: “Enjoy and celebrate the little things”

Always, always celebrate the small wins and enjoy everything that you can in the Big 4 busy season. Did you complete a big project this week? Celebrate it. Did you manage to exercise three times this week? Relish the effects of it. Is it pizza-Friday? Savour it. However small, make a point of enjoying every positive that you can and make sure to reward yourself.

Survival tip 5: “Socialise and go out even when you’re too tired”

Another popular survival tip from Big 4 veterans is to make every effort that you can to go out on the weekend. During busy season, it can be incredibly tempting to pass out on a Friday night at home or to opt out of meeting up with friends because you’re getting up to work on Saturday, but every effort you make no matter how tired you are, really help you to unwind and de-stress. Switching off and socialising is a great tool to survive the Big 4 busy season and it doesn’t take much effort at all.

Survival tip 6: “Plan your post-busy season vacation”

Last but not least, Big 4 veterans recommend planning your upcoming vacation after the busy season ends as a way of getting through the grueling work. Not only is it a great distraction to help you switch off for a while, but it is also highly motivating in the meantime, especially if you’re going big with the reward!

You CAN survive the big 4 busy season

With the top 6 survival tips above straight from Big 4 veterans themselves, you can not only survive the Big 4 busy season by thriving during it too!

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