Join Heather Townsend, co-author of How to Make Partner & Still Have a Life and author of Poised for Partnership and learn what it takes to keep sane, keep your career on track and progress to partner

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

12.30 pm UK | 7.30am ET | 4.30 pm GST |



How to hack your brain to successfully lead yourself and others through change


Join Heather Townsend for this timely webinar about how to “hack” your brain to lead yourself through change. You’ll learn so much, including:

1) Proven tips to hack your brain to help you embrace the future rather than wanting to resolutely stick to the status quo

2) The 4 critical reasons why your sanity and future career prospects depend on you being able to successfully lead yourself and other through change

3) The 3 key change models to memorise in order to be able to speed up the adoption of the pace of change in your team

4) The 3 major leadership mistakes we need to eliminate if we want to get better at facing and adapting to enforced change

Thank you very much for your seminar this evening.  I found it very informative and a great reminder of the need to work as hard at developing a business as you do at completing the day-to-day client work.

Thanks so much for the webinar last night – I really appreciated your insights and practical approach.

Many thanks for this evenings webinar. Quite a few interesting perspectives and the Q&A session was particularly helpful.

Thanks so much for putting the Webinar together – incredibly useful in terms of focusing one’s mind!

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