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Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent team support and help concept Last week I was alerted by a friend that ‘How to make partner and still have a life‘ had been reviewed in the Law Society Gazette. Very kindly, my friend sent me her hard copy of the magazine in the post. It has been a nail biting few days waiting for both the postie and until the book review was posted on line. On Friday, I finally read what everyone else had been telling me about… So, what did an independent reviewer, Paul Rogerson, Editor-in-chief of the Law Society Gazette,  think about the book? It’s white knuckles time… Luckily, he loved it, here are the highlights of the review: ”If you’re ambitious, or think you are, this could be 30 quid very well spent.” ”impressively practical and exhaustive.” ”This is a ‘how to’ guide – peppered with tips, action points and case studies which would-be partners in the legal profession can learn from.” Interestingly, Paul made the connection with a known laissez-faire attitude from junior lawyers to their career. (maybe these are the same lawyers who on my roll on friday blog repeatedly tell me that I am peddling common sense??) The young practising solicitors who attended the Gazette’s roundtable for junior lawyers recently professed to be unconcerned about their prospects of making partner. To read the whole of this great review for the book, read it here To buy your copy of the book (available in paperback and on kindle) click here

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