If you are serious about making partner, similar to the top athletes, you are going to need a support team around you. Everyone’s support team will be different. However, we suggest that an effective support team will have people playing five different types of roles.

Mentor: Having someone in your firm who is more experienced and can act as a sounding board, and provide objective guidance and feedback is essential if you are going to make partner.

Executive or career coach: There are many benefits to having your own coach who is independent from your firm, although your firm may be paying for their time. Your own coach helps you to take time out from the hurly-burly of your work life to focus on what really matters to you. They will also work with you in acquiring the key skills and knowledge required to make partner.

Download from our Career Kitbag our free guide to help you get your firm to pay for a coach for you. 

Family: Having a supportive and happy home life is important, if you are to become a well-rounded individual who is properly equipped to handle the stresses and strains which are part and parcel of the every day life of a professional adviser.

Friends inside of work: You are going to be at work for a significant part of your working life. Therefore, if you are going to ‘fit in’ (see Chapter 10) and enjoy your time at work then you need to have friends at work.

Friends outside of work: Good friends unconnected to your work life give you the opportunity to truly let your hair down, relax and let off steam outside of work. It is important not to let your friendships outside of work slide, as you never know when you may need them.

Who do you have in your support team? Are there any gaps?

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