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If you need more referrals then do get a copy of The Go-To Expert (40+ five star reviews on Amazon) and the award-winning and best-selling The FT Guide To Business Networking. These two books will give you step-by-step guides with no marketing jargon or waffle to grow a partner-sized client portfolio.

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The Go-To Expert ***** 45+ Amazon 5 star reviews

The Go-To Expert provides no-nonsense advice on managing your transition into a well-known and trusted name within your industry.


  • Simple steps to build your profile
  • How to market and sell yourself with ease and confidence
  • Techniques to make your clients come to you
  • How to win clients

“The book is an education in itself with many practical examples based on real life professionals. It is a must for any one in a professional career that wants to get ahead.”

Paul Miller, Cornish Accountants


The FT Guide To Business Networking **100+ 5 star reviews

The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking is your definitive introduction to a joined-up networking strategy that really works.

This award-winning book has now been fully updated to include new chapters on generating referrals and boosting your confidence when networking, as well as the latest advice on social networking sites.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Successfully combine online and offline networking techniques
  2. Develop the best networking approaches and behaviours
  3. Make a great first impression, build rapport and generate strong business relationships
  4. Talk to the right people, have productive conversations and effectively work a room