In today’s guest blog, Alison Gill a freelance lawyer with Lawyers On Demand, and owner of Workout @ Work, shines a light on her top tips to make your life in law happier and healthier. 

Over to you Alison: 

1. Be mindful

Try a short meditation routine each morning in your home or on the train, tube or bus to work. Close your eyes, relax and concentrate on clearing your mind. Each time a thought distracts you, acknowledge it, don’t judge yourself, let the thought go and bring yourself back to the present moment. Regular meditation can help reduce your stress levels and be more focussed at work. We’ve found the best mindfulness app for your phone is Headspace.

2. Walk while you work

Pop out for a twenty minute brisk walk at lunchtime to stretch your body and clear your head. You might even want to try a walking meeting with likeminded colleagues – good for increasing creativity and fresh thinking. See here for tips on making walking meetings happen.

3. Remember to eat and eat well

It’s all too easy to get completely caught up in a transaction, but if you don’t take time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner you’ll only end up feeling tired and irritable. Keep a few packets of mixed nuts and dried fruit in your desk drawer, perfect for an afternoon fuel boost and to stave off the vending machine. For practical nutritional advice, see the BBC’s Good Food Health and Nutrition website.

4. Posture Perfect

Make sure your desk, chair and computer are all at the right height and distance away from you – get a workplace assessment if necessary. Lawyers spend so long at their desks that sitting awkwardly can sometimes escalate into a long term neck or back problem.

5. Make your exercise count

Let’s face it, time is a premium for lawyers so when you exercise it needs to make a difference pretty quickly. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can deliver huge improvements in your fitness, energy levels and general health in sessions lasting just 30 minutes or even less. Exercise also releases endorphins which can improve your mood and can combat any feelings of anxiety or stress.

Are you just tired or are you burning out? Find out by clicking here to take our burnout self-assessment. (email required)

About Alison Gill and Lawyers On Demand

Alison combines freelance lawyering with Lawyers On Demand with her business Workout @ Work which offers wellness classes for employees to corporates. She co-founded the business with a view to changing the way people in the corporate sector work and in order to assist employers in creating a healthier, more productive workforce. 

Launched in 2007, Lawyers On Demand is the UK’s original alternative legal service which has over 200 specialist freelance lawyers working with clients such as Google, RBS, Porsche and Channel 4. For more information visit

Are you just tired or are you burning out? Find out by clicking here to take our burnout self-assessment. (email required)

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