Why is Direction so important to your future career progression?

To be frank, there are too many professionals in practice right now who just assume they want to make partner. Not for any well-thought out reason. More because they have been swept along by a culture where everyone presumes everyone else wants to make partner. Does that sound familiar?

After all, you joined your firm because you were bright, talented and ambitious. So surely, you should go for partner. Anything else would be a waste of your talents. Who wouldn't want the status, confidence and financial rewards which come with making partner?

No, no, no, no… this type of all-pervading (and often lazy) thinking in law, accountancy and consultancy can often trap someone into a job they hate. But due to the financial commitments they have taken on, they can't see a way out and end up spending 30+ years in a job they at best tolerate. After all, what other business sector pays its graduates as well as the prestigious professional service firms around the world?

If you are going to go for partner, go for the right reasons. These being, you will be fulfilled in the partner role and enjoy the extra responsibilities that come with it. Plus the firm in which you make partner helps you be at your best. Now, I hear you thinking, "but what if I don't know if I will like it until I do it?" and that's a valid question. To answer it, you need to understand your Direction, i.e. what makes you tick and what you stand for so that you can make an informed decision that partnership is right for you.

What makes you tick is typically a combination of 3 elements:

  • Vision or Your Direction: What you want to achieve in your life time
  • Values: The rules or principles that you choose to live your life by
  • Purpose or 'Your Why': Your reason for being

If you need help understanding your personal vision, values or purpose, here are your options:

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    Do an internet search as there are many exercises freely available on the internet for you to work through.

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    Complete module 2 of the 'How to truly commit to moving your career forward' on-demand course within our Progress To Partner membership site (see below).

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    Book a coaching session with your personal coach to help you get the clarity you require.

Is partnership what you really want?

Take a moment to stop and reflect. Do your expectations of what it means to be a partner match up with the realities of the partner role?

The best decision for you and your future career is one where you are fulfilled and happy doing what you do. You are not failing if you decide that the partner role is not right for you.

If you need more help with finding your Direction, read Chapter 2 of Poised for Partnership here.

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