goals 1200pxI’ve got an confession to make…. wait for it… I let my inbox get submerged. In fact, before I went on holiday my inbox started to get deluged, and I couldn’t find the important e-mails, let alone have the energy to find them. In fact, it was all a bit of a disaster for someone who at the time happened to be the Chief Coach at The Efficiency Coach. Not quite ‘on brand’ is it….?

The question is, how did I stop my inbox jamming up again?

Very simply, procrastinating on an over-flowing inbox just makes it worse, the problem doesn’t go away, however hard you try. And believe me, I was wishing so very hard that they would all go away… As I looked through the e-mail (sorted by person) I realised that newsletters and forum updates were jamming up my inbox and hiding the important e-mails from both clients and potential clients.

I now have a very strict newsletter policy in place. If I have not given my permission to subscribe, I will unsubscribe and report as spam. If I have subscribed, I have set up a folder where all my newsletters go into. I then read them when I want some down time.

I’ve also put all the forum replies and updates which were jamming up my inbox into their very own folder & they are now sent automatically into this folder. Once again, I now read them when I want some down time. I was finding that social media was taking over my life and inbox in a bad way…

I’ve set up five TO DO folders, and sort all the new e-mail into these folders, and then allocate time to deal with each of the folders in turn. If the e-mail requires urgent action it gets red flagged to help me prioritise it.

These simple three actions have quickly removed all the clutter from my inbox, and I am now finding it easy to stay on top of the 50 or so new e-mails which pop into the box every single day.

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