How can the Partnership Readiness Assessment

help your learning & development team?

You’ve read all about the Partnership Readiness Assessment (and if you haven’t, you can find out more about it below) and how it can help an ambitious senior associate, senior manager or director find out what they need to work specifically on if they want to show their partner potential but how can it help you?

We’ve developed our online diagnostic tool to profile exactly where individuals should be prioritising their efforts to progress their career to partner.

It is based on our experiences of helping hundreds of accountants, lawyers and consultants go all the way to Partner. It is a formal assessment which will prompt reflection and focused action.

We think this is the ideal tool to complement your partner development programmes and add some real, demonstrable value.

Take the intangible and have something to show the Partners the REAL impact of your programmes

We know how hard it is to prove the impact and value of development programmes, especially those that focus on the soft skills that are all so important in getting your senior associates and senior managers in a place to be ready for partner track.

Or off partner track and into a role more suited to their strengths and current ambitions.

It’s hard to benchmark soft skills and then show improvement but the Partnership Readiness Assessment can do just that.

We can provide a tailored and branded Partnership Readiness Assessment for you and your team that will fit straight into your current emerging leaders potential partner programme.

Unlike many psychometric tools commonly used (and rightly so) in development programmes, this tool can be used multiple times without incurring additional cost. This means you can use this tool to not only help your potential partner candidates understand the areas they need to work on but also to measure their progress and improvement during and after your programme.

This is a great alternative to bring to your current competency frameworks to life and measure success..

If you’d like to talk about using the Partnership Readiness Assessment as a ready-made tool in your learning and development programmes ( tailored for your firm) fill out this form:

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