what is tall poppy syndrome

There is a destructive social phenomenon that impacts almost every successful or developing person in the world. It is an impulse to cut others down for the achievements they’ve made and somewhat a cluster of envy, low self-esteem, fear and resentment. To criticise those who demonstrate their individuality, ambition or unique talent and commonly disassembles supportive communities: it’s called Tall Poppy Syndrome. Here is a video of me, explaining what is meant with ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and how we can overcome it and hopefully change the way we view success – in ourselves and others. I’d like to show you how we can make room for more people to flourish instead of cutting them down and better yet, start overcoming it within ourselves.

I work with clients all over the world and helping them make partner. And I often hear from my Australian and New Zealand clients, something called tall poppy syndrome. And tall poppy syndrome is where, if you start to put your head above the parapet and you want to make something of yourself, people will cut you down. And so, you know, this was in we were talking about in relation “Oh well, I worry if I go onto LinkedIn and start posting off and building my expertise people will think “Who does she think she is” You know, “She just wants to go to partner” “She’s looking for a new job”. And you know, and this is something called an example of tall poppy syndrome. The reality is, it’s our friendly amygdala at work. Is that, when we start to develop our career and move forward, we move out of our comfort zone and as soon as we move out of what is safe and familiar the amygdala in our brain starts going on red alert and it can flood your brain with fear, which is often the tall poppy syndrome. Or you know, “I’m gonna get people being negative to me” “They’re gonna cut me down” you know, “they’re gonna think I’m getting ideas above my station”. And when you talk these things out rationally, you realise that they’re irrational. They’re just fears in your head. And so actually if you’ll have this issue, I actually want you to this may sound strange, but embrace that fear. What do I mean about embrace that fear? Well, that fear is basically saying that you’re going out of your comfort zone, that this is going to be difficult. Actually, it might not be difficult. Actually, it might just be that you’re going out of your comfort zone. Once again, that’s the Amygdala going “this it couldn’t be difficult”, “that’s gonna be hard”. You’re going out of your comfort zone and that means you’re moving your career forward and so when you start getting that flooded fear, of course, write them down and rationally go through them and see how many of them are real fear. But what I want you to do is when you sense that, Is embrace that and go towards that fear because that means you’re moving forward. Never mind about tall poppy syndrome, forget about what other people think. It’s you that matter. It’s your goals that matter. Go forward towards them and start having that dialogue back. Answer back the voice of fear in your head.

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