It seems that every accountant, lawyer or consultant I meet wants to win bigger clients. Therefore, in this article I am going to explore why you are struggling to win bigger clients.

Being niched helps you win bigger clients

When I ask advisors who want to win bigger clients who their ideal client is, they either can’t articulate it clearly. Instead they use big catch all words, e.g. SMEs, small businesses, large corporates, entrepreneurs. Is it any wonder that they struggle to win bigger clients? The more niched, and the stronger your brand within your niche, the easier it is to win bigger clients. After all, the more niched you are the more effective your marketing. The more effective your marketing, the greater chance you will get the bigger and better clients.

You are not spending enough time consistently marketing

If you don’t spend any time marketing or only market when your workload is light is it any wonder that you are not getting the bigger and better clients. It takes time to develop a decent pipeline of business. If you don’t spend your time and spent it wisely on business development, is it any wonder that you only get left with the scraps?

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You don’t know who your ideal client is

If you don’t know who your ideal client is, is it any wonder that you are struggling to win bigger and better clients? If you don’t have the clarity of who are your ideal clients your marketing will be ineffective. (Actually, as much use as a chocolate tea pot!)

When I talk about ideal client, I’m not talking about a client who values your advice, never quibbles with your bills, pays promptly and is a delight to work with. I’m talking about an ideal client whom you can build a marketing plan around. E.g. What size are they? What sector? What demographic? What stage in their business lifecycle?

You are not selling them services they want to buy

If you look at any professional advisor’s website you will see most firms offer a similar set of services, normally written in the advisor’s language. After all, do clients really want as the lawyers see it company commercial legal advice or M&A? Or do they want help to sell their business? Far too often I see firms claim they have a niche or a specialism but then offer the same-old-same-old services their clients. The most effective way to win the bigger and better clients is to offer them the services they really want to buy.

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