I have saved myself up a lovely job for today – sorting out my admin and all my paperwork. This is not an ideal state of affairs… as research has suggested that a piece of paper on your desk will distract you up to five times. Although this does assume that you can find the piece of paper on your desk in the first place…

I have been looking into how I can (and you can) efficiently manage your paperwork, and free up your time and save money on printing and paper costs.


1. Set time aside every day to focus on your paperwork

Set time aside to deal with your paperwork, for example your post. When you are dealing with your post and paperwork act on it immediately, rather than procrastinating. Think about it, how much time have you wasted sifting through your pile of paperwork to file?

2. Do you need to print it?

How much do you need to print out the document? If you don’t print it you don’t need to file it… Then, you can be all smug about how much you are doing your bit to help save the environment.

3. Recycle

Challenge yourself whether you actually need to keep this piece of paper. Remember that 85% of documents are never looked at again. How much space would you free up if you recycled all the paperwork you have never looked at? Remember that you may need to keep all your client paperwork as a condition of practicing.

4. Delegate

If you have the luxury of a personal assistant, delegate as much as possible – e.g. sorting, screening and disposal of the post.

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