Senior decision makers in corporations don’t spend much of their time searching online or using social media. Unlike smaller businesses, they don’t go out to networking events and all of their emails and calls are often screened by assistants. So how do you attract corporate clients if you can’t get in front of them using your usual marketing methods? The trick is to utilise your offline methods first. Here are 8 foolproof ways to attract corporate clients so that you can win the big contracts.

#1 Use referrals

Remember that call or email which is getting filtered out by assistants? The best way to get around this measure is to try and get referred. Every decision maker will pay attention if you’ve been recommended by someone they trust so use this to your advantage. Search on LinkedIn for the contacts to whom you would like to be introduced. Are they connected to any of your previous or existing clients? Reach out for a referral or introduction and provide them with something valuable in return.

#2 Speak at seminars, conferences and trade shows

Face to face networking is one of the best ways to make a memorable impression with potential corporate clients. Use your social channels to see which seminars, conferences or trade shows senior decision makers will be attending and introduce yourself there. Better yet, work towards getting on the agenda and deliver value through a presentation in front of a whole audience of potential clients. What better way is there to attract corporate clients than with an unforgettable speech geared towards their specific needs?

#3 Stand out with direct mail

Again, many emails are screened but if they weren’t, emails are too easy to ignore. The best way to grab attention and to deliver value is through good old direct mail. You can be sure that your hand addressed letter will reach their desk. If it addresses their needs and compels them to respond, you’ll then receive their email address or contact number for your list. Think about sending your letter in something which will stand out and make the person it is addressed to curious. 

#4 Build rapport over voicemail

When you have the contact number of a corporate decision-maker and you are working on building the relationship, voice-mail will be your direct line to communicate with them. As their days are filled with meetings or working on the road, they will periodically listen to their voicemails to catch up with their team. Hearing from you regularly will help to keep you front of mind, just make sure that you’re always delivering value. The same goes on your end too. Make sure your voicemail sounds professional and makes it easy for them to make contact with you.

#5 Get private testimonials from other corporate executives

How do you attract corporate clients when they don’t have time to check out your website? Request testimonials from other corporate clients that you can send privately. Add these testimonials on closed-bid proposals that you send to your desired client contacts via email. This way they will definitely get noticed and as you’ll be using closed channels. You can include full names, titles, and a detailed description of how you helped these other clients.

#6 Use the pronouns “We” and “Us” in all correspondence

A simple strategy but it makes a big impact. Big corporations seek low-risk partnerships so they tend to gravitate to the big firms. As the saying goes “no one ever got sacked by buying IBM.” By using “we” and “us” throughout all of your correspondence, you show them that you are a substantial firm and practice.

#7 Get an article published or advertise in a trade magazine

Getting an article published in trade magazines that are prominent in your field is a very effective method of attracting corporate clients. When a potential client sees your name attached to a publication that they trust and turn to for information and advice, they will definitely be interested in getting on your list.

#8 Exceed expectations with your work

Once you win a corporate client, do great work, communicate often and honestly, and exceed their expectations. Making a big client happy is one of the best marketing tools that you have as a referral from them to another corporate client would be of great value to you and your firm.

Start winning bigger and better clients

How do you attract corporate clients? You get creative and use these 8 offline methods to make a memorable impression and build that all important relationship. It may be a lot more time and effort but the rewards are more than worth it. Of course, everything you do to win more corporate clients should be part of a focused Marketing Plan.

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