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In these uncertain and worrying times take control of your career path

All around the world professional services firms are preparing to weather the COVID-19 triggered global recession.

Professionals just like you are working from home, with the only contact a conference call.  How can you make sure your hard work and business development efforts are noticed? How can you make sure you are one of the ones who gets promoted when the time is right again?

Those professionals who learn to thrive in this new and strange trading environment, will be the new partners, directors and senior managers/associates of the future.

Are you doing everything you can to be one of the few your firm decides to keep and invest in?

How do you become one of those who can thrive?

With firm's slashing their training & development budgets to nearly zero, if you want to keep your career on track and make sure you are noticed for the right reasons, do you think that right now might be the time to invest a little in your future?

Join Our Progress To Partner Membership Site for $1 + VAT

You will be charged $1 + VAT for the first 7 days, then $47 + VAT, per month.

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Get set to accelerate your career to partnership and beyond

Powerful content to get you onto partnership track

We've put together 15+ years of insight, masterclasses, recordings, guides and more that will help you kickstart and future proof your career progress to partner from day 1.

A real-time dashboard to stay on top of your progress

Easily track progress on your self-study courses and easily visualize new content, upcoming events and group discussions.

World-class live coaching for better results

Heather Townsend and her hand-picked coaching team will work with groups and individuals to help you take your career to the next level.

What do I get for joining the Progress To Partner Membership Site?

 Live Virtual Masterclasses

Every month we host for members a virtual masterclass with a worldwide expert. Each virtual masterclass is run three times in one day to fit your schedule wherever you are in the world, and recorded so you can listen at your convenience.

Access To Hand-Picked Experts In Our Private Facebook Group

Imagine being able to chat with a true expert who can help you unblock your career progression and help you overcome your particular challenges along the way?

Self-Study Courses

Take our professionally put together self-study courses to help you progress your career, create your business case and be on your A-Game, every day. (And much, much more)

Discounted 1:2:1 Coaching Sessions

Members get a discount of £50 per hour if you decide to book a 1:2:1 coaching session with one of our Executive Coaches

Curated Learning Resources

We know you are busy, so once a month members get emailed a selection of resources as well as book/podcast recommendations to help overcome a common career or performance challenge faced by professionals in practice.

15+ years of insight

Every month more guides, recorded masterclasses, cheatsheets, plans and templates (all tested and proven by our clients) are added to the membership site to help save you time and stop you reinventing the wheel.

In their own words

Before I started working with Heather I was well-respected and seen as a 'safe pair of hands' but struggling to build my practice. Heather's input and guidance was instrumental in helping me grow my profile both internally and externally, and maximise the opportunities to sell myself in my business case for partner. As a result of working with Heather I made partner 18 months later and have almost doubled my client portfolio.

Thank you very much indeed for your significant help and support - as a result of your guidance I felt incredibly confident in submitting my business plan and then giving my presentation and interview. In the days after the presentation and interview I had some very positive feedback from the partners who interviewed me, saying that my performance was "outstanding" and that my presentation was "very slick and professional" - I doubt it would have been without your advice and guidance. I gained so much confidence from working with you and I am extremely grateful.

As a result of working with Heather I now have the luxury of picking the clients I want. So many positive things have come out of our relationship, not least a 5x return on my investment… Heather gives me energy, focus and accountability… I highly recommend her services to any accountant or lawyer who wants to stand out and be able to attract the right clients to them.